Stitch Pattern Web App

An entirely client side HTML5 web app for designing knitting charts. A grid style visualization where typed standard text abbreviations (such as "p3tog") are displayed using the corresponding JIS symbol (). Includes knitting specific features such as default movement between cells in the direction of knitting, tallying the number of stitches in each row, and an option to mirror designs. Charts can be exported to LaTeX (using TikZ) and SVG.

Future plans include adding support for crochet and tatting designs, as well as support for writing full patterns that link to multiple charts. Future plans also include integration with GoogleDocs for saving and reading patterns and charts online.

LaTex Dissertation Class

Oakland University does not support writing a dissertation in LaTex. In fact, style requirements are given as a set of modifiable word files. In order to write my dissertation in LaTex, and meet the schools formatting requirements, I ended up writing my own class file.